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What are the Akashic Records?
The AKASHIC RECORDS are the records of the soul. 
They are a library or database where the energetic records of every soul are kept, including all lifetimes, every event, reaction to these events, every thought, feeling, lesson and all future possibilities. 

 All these records create Divine Light. 
Following a Akashic Records reading a person always feels elevated & enlightened. 

An Akashic Records reading will transform you life by bringing clarity, boosting your intuition and spiritual growth, guide you along your purpose and ultimately help you heal and let go so you can move on and Be Who You Really Are! 

When we open up your Akashic Records we contact the Lord of the Records, your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones who have passed over.  Whatever you are supposed to know will be revealed to you. Often past lives come up if they are pertinent to your current situation. 

As psychic/mediums we channel your Loved Ones (pets too). The departed will often come through because they are supporting you or may need to resolve an issue. 
  The most remarkable aspect of the records is how uplifted you will feel afterwards.  It's all about love and even if you have to discuss challenging issues,after an Akashic Record Reading you will feel as if you are wrapped in one big cosmic hug of love!
How do we access your
Akashic Records & what you can expect